Candidate for Alaska State House District 6

Eric Feige - Candidate for Alaska
State House District 9 Platform

The Legislator’s Job As I See It

Fair representation for everyone within the District

Respond to and advocate for communities’ real needs with useful projects

Communicate efficiently with people and business’


A stable business-friendly climate is essential

More jobs mean more prosperity for all

Continue the policy established with SB21 to maintain the lower (than ACES) total oil tax “take” by the State as a means to grow oil and gas exploration and development

Encourage in-state uses and new value added industry for natural gas

Forcefully advocate for a natural gas line to service the Richardson Highway corridor

Alaskan Family Values

Reinforce the rights of parents to raise their kids

Promote an atmosphere of honestly, integrity, and service for all

Keep the State of Alaska out of the family unit

Second Amendment rights are basic to protecting one’s family and property

Fiscally Conservative State Government

There needs to be a limit to the scope of what government provides

Budget for two years

Spend the people’s money wisely, conservatively, and demand measurable results for what’s spent

Greater emphasis on oil production increases to keep the TAPS operational

Develop sound economic paths for moving Alaska natural gas to market

No undue risks with the people's money


Provide our schools with adequate funding and demand higher performance and accountability

Expand vocational and apprenticeship opportunities in cooperation with industries and unions

Provide college opportunities with performance based criteria and in-state returns

Forward fund education budgets for fiscal and classroom stability

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